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Support for IT companies

GRACERS lawyers provide a full range of legal and consulting services in the field of IT law and information technology.

Thanks to our extensive experience of comprehensive support of Ukrainian and international IT companies, we are able to provide legal support at all stages of IT business, including:

  • Development of statutory documentation and registration of legal entities under the national legislation of Ukraine, taking into account clients' business models (outsourcing and external staffing of IT companies, e-business using Internet acquiring, SaaS)
  • Trademark and other intellectual property rights registrations
  • Preparation of business documentation (license agreements, service agreements, agreements on website development, software and use of cloud technologies, non-disclosure agreements, Terms of Use, public offers)
  • Legal support of current activities (launch of IT infrastructure, contracts with customers and contractors, employment contracts and agreements, agreements with banks and payment systems)
  • Legal consulting on the use of cryptocurrencies
  • Financial consulting in the field of tax optimisation for IT companies, creating an effective model for financial transactions
  • Protection against unlawful pressure from law enforcement and regulatory bodies, GRACERS lawyers represent our clients' interests in courts and public authorities
Specialists in this field