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Effective legal support of enforcement proceedings is impossible without the participation of a lawyer both at the trial stage and during the execution of the court decision. GRACERS lawyers will provide professional legal assistance and guarantees in order to protect the interests of your property.

First of all, the lawyer will provide a legal assessment of the procedure and deadlines for submitting a writ of execution to the state executive service and the private executor.

After analysing the circumstances of the case and the available documents, the lawyer will build an individual tactic of legal support that corresponds to the situation.



  • Representation of creditors' and debtors' interests in the relevant state bodies
  • Submission of documents and enforcement of court decisions
  • Support and control over the execution of court decisions by the bodies of the state executive service and private executors in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine
  • Protection of the rights of the parties to enforcement proceedings
Specialists in this field