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Business protection

In today's world, a business that regularly makes a profit and has prospects is at high risk. The threat can arise both inside and outside.

If your business is at risk or you are not sure about its security, our team will provide qualified legal support for business protection as soon as possible and, if necessary, prepare a set of legal remedies for its protection, such as:

  • Timely and comprehensive business protection
  • Negotiation, support and signing of agreements
  • Development of legal documents of any complexity
  • Legal analysis of the clients' or counterparties' activities
  • Conducting a legal audit
  • Maintain inspections to ensure their effectiveness for your business
  • Anti-raider services
  • Protection of business from illegal actions by regulatory authorities
  • Optimisation of tax burdens
  • Legal consultation with the company's employees regarding contacts with law enforcement agencies
  • Training of employees to carry out investigative actions by law enforcement agencies (searches, arrests)
  • Execution of confidentiality agreements with employees
  • Concluding contracts for legal services for employees of the company during professional activities and in everyday life
  • "Compliance Officer" – the implementation of comprehensive measures to verify the proper performance of their duties by employees of a firm 

Promoting the development of our clients' businesses and increasing their efficiency is one of the key practices of our company.

We accompany each client at all stages of business development. Given our extensive experience, we provide advice on a wide range of issues. We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of corporate documentation (statutes, agreements, local regulations)
  • Creation of legal entities
  • Legal due diligence
  • Liquidation and reorganisation of legal entities
  • Protection of shareholders' rights, including in court
  • Advising on labour, tax and contract law